Best Way To Lost Fat Fast

If you’re like me ,your body doesn’t seem to get rid of fat that easy .And if you manage to lose a lot of body fat ,it’s hard to keep those fat lost away. Everyday is a constant battle and struggle to keep your body healthy from bad temptations like fast food restaurants and being lazy to work out ,trust me ,i know that feeling .Like all big goals,it’s not easy to achieve ,but if you know the right path, it doesn’t have to be that hard .Just need to eat healthy meals and work out regularly. I know it’s easier said than done so i will explain to you what you need to do .

Now, before we get started ,there’s a couple of important things you need to know. First thing is about your motivation to lose body fat. You must have a proper motivation, cause without it ,there’s no point in trying, you will stop before you even start. So may people has started eating healthy and working out only to quit a month after. Another thing is when you first start to workout ,don’t do heavy and intensive workout .Take your time for your body to get use to working out cause this is going to be your new lifestyle after all. And last but not least ,be patience .Even in trying to lose fat fast ,realistically speaking ,it is still going to take a little while as you continue to do part .OK, Let’s start now !

​Burn more calories than you consume : ​​​I know earlier I pretty much said ,don’t go hard in the gym when it’s your first time but eating less foods than when you are working out is the number one rule in losing fat fast. Even though, eating is more important than working out ,you still have to be in caloric deficit .That mean you have to be careful with what you’re putting in your body .You don’t actually have to eat less meals, just don’t eat a lot .

​Count your macros intake : ​This one require​s constant calculations as you count your calories, fats ,carbs and proteins consumption for the day and everyday .You do this everyday to fit your macros requirement for a day. You can figure out your macros requirement by doing a simple google search. Then you count your daily macros by reading the nutrition labels on everything you consume and i mean everything. It will be much easier if you use an app to count your macros for you though.

​Drink a gallon of water/day : ​You need to consume a lot water daily .​That should be your life goal .It’s good for you skin health and your overall system. Don’t drink a gallon all at once ,it’s extremely hard and will get bloated. you don’t want that .Drink multiple glasses of water throughout the day and couples of bottles when you work out to keep you hydrated .Keep in mind ,you will go the bathroom very often .

​Choose a cheat day :​ The best thing about this is that you don’t have to give up the foods you love as long as it fits your macros. But you should only do this one time a week .This is very important to help fight bad foods temptation. You see, your body has the tendency to crave any foods you deny from it , specially the ones you love. So that way, you won’t have to crave and miss your favorite dishes anymore. Personally ,I don’t believe in strict diet ,they are hard to keep up with. Beside , your eating habit should be a long term goal ,not a three ,four month goal where you can fell off the wagon. Remember ,this is a lifestyle changes .

​Cook your own meals : ​​When you are cooking an homemade food ,you know all the ingredients you’re putting in your dish .You can count your macros more efficiently. Also, It’s better to cook your meals in advance for a week ,it helps when you are hungry cause you can just heat it up in a microwave then eat it .You must do that cause when you’re hungry ,your body just wants something quick to digest ,preferably anything that is next you .Don’t forget that eating healthy is the key and also you save money when you cook anyway.

​Work out like a beast : ​Once you start getting use to working out , you should do all type of physical activities like weights lifting ,lots of cardio and body weight movement. Work out four and five times a week should be enough for you and then have three days of rest .You should work all your body parts with proper form ,best way to avoid having hernia. It doesn’t matter the location or the time you choose to work out ,you just need to get your body off the couch​.

There you have it ,all these advice break down for you .If you follow all of them ,you will be one step closer to your goal .One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t just choose to follow one advice then forget the rest ,it’s not one way mechanism. They all work together like a circle. Now that you have all the information you need to lose fat,i recommend you embrace your new lifestyle.

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How To Have A Healthy Life

In a world where everybody is busy with their everyday life activities and facing bad temptations, it’s hard to live healthy. However there are lot a lot of things you can do to live a healthy life, and at the same time, there are things you must not do if you want to stay healthy. The process works by sacrificing a lot for yourself but in the long term, you will feel better. Here’s a few list of what you can do to stay on top of your health:

​Stay Hydrated
​You need to drink a lot of water, ideally up to a gallon a day. It is good for you body mechanism to run smoothly. Water is the best beverage there is. Don’t avoid it.

​There are multiple forms​ of cardio you can perform regularly. you can do a morning jog, run in a treadmill, jumping with a cord, playing a sport you like and a lot more. Doing cardio is good for your heart.

​Taking Vitamins
Taking a specific type of vitamins is really good for your overall health​. Vitamins can be found in either meals or supplements. You can consume any form that is most convenient for you.

Eat Healthy
Food ​is really good to nourish your body daily. You must eat a certain type of foods such as brown rice, black beans, mixed vegetables, grill meats, fruits, healthy snacks, nuts and much more. You must eat in moderation, too much food at a time is not good for your body even if it’s healthy.

​Get Enough Sleep
Sleeping is very good for your brain cells. ​But, in today generation, we’re very busy partying, clubbing and staying up late doing whatever, we forget about our bedtime. it is recommended to sleep about 6 to 8 hours.

There’s a lot more you can do to stay healthy but these are the top lists you can not avoid, I call it self love duties. And now i will tell about couple things you have to stop doing or maybe do it less. Things that are slowly killing you.

For starters, you have to stop eating greasy foods, flour made foods, deserts and unhealthy snacks. Also, when it comes to beverages, drink like coffee, tea, red wine, cocoa chocolate are fine but certain drink like fruit juices, smoothies, shakes, alcohol drinks are definitely not good for various reasons. These are some of the most important stuff you have to know from now on. I am not asking you to quit them, specially if you love them. Just take consideration on the bad effects they have on your body and maybe take them far less then usual.

Daily Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins are a group of organic molecule that is required in small amount in your diet because your body can not synthesize it. There is 3 essentials nutrients in vitamins: minerals, fatty acid and amino acid. Because our food source can be limited sometimes, we are required to take them daily in supplements to avoid vitamin deficiency. Vitamins have diverse biochemical functions, here’s a list of some of the most vital vitamins you must take and their functions in your body .

Let’s start with Vitamin A, you need this because it boosts your immune system ,better your vision and lower your risk of heart disease. Then we have B Vitamin, it is good for metabolism and muscle tone. Also, there is Vitamin C which is good for prenatal problems and eye illness. Again we have Vitamin D, it lower risk of breast cancer and may protect you from diabetes. To continue, there is Calcium, women on their twenties definitely need this one because it helps build strong bones, it also build strong teeth and nourish your nervous system. And then we have Iron, you must not avoid this one at all as it can cause anemia and weakened your immune system if you dont get enough of it, specially for women on their periods .


Healthy Living Market

This blog is about contents that is here to give informations and to offer you products about your specific goals to stay healthy. We all have our own  insecurities such as lack of energy when working out, trying to lose a few pounds by eating better, and generally be healthy . There will be health supplements, protein supplements, work out supplements to help you with your fitness and health goals. I know what it feels like to want something without knowing how to get it . This will help you understand what you need to be looking for .

I must say taking supplements should be a very important part of your diet, you can find a supplement for any reasons .One thing you must not do is using supplements as a meal replacement ,it must be taken only to complete your macros. Remember ,actual food is always better.