How To Count Macros For Beginners

Macros are key factors used to count your nutrition facts in order to achieve your body goals. Those factors are Calorie, Fat, Carbs and Protein. As a beginner, you must always count your macros daily, then when you figure out your meal plans that fits your macro-nutrients on a regular basis, you will no longer have to count your macros. Depending on your body type and goals, you will first need to figure out your macros limits before you can count them.

Normally, when you wan to lose weight, you simply have to eat less food than usual. Also, when you want to lose fat, you can burn more calorie than you consume. Again, if you want to build muscle , you eat more protein and calories. But, if you want to know how much exactly to eat respecting your macros limitations, I will give you some site  you can use to calculate your macros using your own weight, height, age, activities, body goals and maybe some more information.

Websites you can use to calculate your daily’s macros requirements:

You can choose any of these websites that works best for you.

Here’s an examples of my own daily macros requirements:

Calories :2287
Fat          :64g
Carbs     :269g
Protein  :160g


Now that you figure out your macros requirements per day, I will show you how to count them. Everything you eat, has a nutrition facts on the back of their package, they are the macros you’re consuming. The ones you’re going to focus on are Calories, Fat, Carbs and Protein. You count each of them individually throughout the whole day until you reach your macros limits then start over again the next day and so on. Also, make sure you count everything you consume, and I mean everything, specially stuff like dressing sauces for salad, marinades for meats,dipping sauces for flavor and oil to cook.

Here’s an example of what and how you’re going to count them:

Calories :250/serving + … any other calories until you reach about 2287
Fat          :17/serving   + … any other Fat until you reach about 64
Carbs     :19/serving   + … any other carbs until you reach about 269

Protein  :15/serving   + … any other protein until you reach about 160

This is a cookie nutrition labels. You’re going to count each macros individually on everything you eat respecting the exact serving size( this one is 1 serving for the whole packet).










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