Best Fruits To Eat To Lose Weight

Fruits are natural source of many nutrition benefits that are needed for your overall health system. More importantly, they have vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants which are good to reduce the risk of some chronic diseases. It’s always better to eat them during breakfast so your body can digest them properly. Eating a lot of fruits everyday as part of a diet plan is good for you but it’s better to consume them in variety. Because some fruits are high in calories, sugar and carbs, you must not eat them in excess amount. Now, let me tell you some of the fruits you be eating.


It’s always good to eat banana cause of good carbs, fiber and potassium which will give you energy to burn fat  and help you build muscle mass. You can use bananas in many things like protein shake for healthy muscle gains, in greek yogurt as natural sugar and oatmeal for flavor.


Coconut is good in any form and there is always a good use for any of them. You have coconut oil which can great for various reason like cooking and healthy hair. You have coconut milk which is good for flavor in things like beans. You have coconut water which is good for your metabolic rate. Then you have shredded coconut which can be good for multiple type of recipes.


When it comes to burning fat or losing weight, you must not neglect blueberries cause they have antioxidants that will cleanse your body from toxins. You can use them for healthy juice,in shake, in yogurt and other things.


Eating grapefruit is an healthy and fun to do. It’s good for healthy hydration  when you juice it without adding sugars. It contains antioxidants which is good for your insulins level. Grapefruit can help you lose weight fast when taking regularly.


Pineapple is a super fruit that is high in vitamin C which is good for various reasons. It’s good for digestion, swollen injury, sight, hydration,weight loss and many more. It’s high in carbs so that mean you have to eat it in moderation.

There are more other fruits you can consume for various health reason including fat loss. You have avocados, apple, pears, tomatoes, orange and so on. You can stick with the list I give and you will see wonders.

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