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Diet Direct Snacks Reviews

Diet Direct is a trustworthy online marketing website that delivers healthy products with multiple brands to your house. All of the products on this site are protein based meals and drinks that are good for weight management. You can also find a lot of variety of healthy snacks with a fair prices. So, i will tell you about the type of snacks you should get.

It’s always good to get some snacks in between your meals to keep you satisfy. And if you like craving salty snacks, you should try Cheddar Crunchers. It’s one of the finest crackers you can find from Wonderslim brand, it’s really tasty and crunchy.

Wonderslim Cheddar Crunchers

WonderSlim High Protein Cheddar Crunchers Chips - 10g Protein Per Bag - Low Fat, Gluten Free Cheese Snack Chips - 3 boxes (Save 10%)

​PRICES : $14.95


  • Calories : 130
  • Total Fat : 2.5g
  • Carbs : 17g
  • Protein : 10g

Get yourself one now at Diet Direct to stop your craving.

Now, if you ever find yourself in the mood for some sweet stuff then you should treat yourself with Zesty Lemon Protein Bars. It will satisfy your sweet tooth at a healthy cost. It’s also another product from Wonderslim brand.

Wonderslim Zesty Lemon Protein Bar

WonderSlim Low-Carb Gourmet High Protein Bar/Diet Bars with 10g Protein - Trans Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Zesty Lemon (7 count)

​PRICES : $14.95


  • Calorie : 150
  • Total Fat : 5g
  • Carbs : 19g
  • Protein : 10g
  • Sugar : 10g

​Make yourself a nice friend at Diet Direct and stay sweet.​

The next stuff on the list is a protein made Cinnamon Cereal, something that can be considered as either a snack or a light meal. It’s a product from Bariwise brand,  you can have it as an early breakfast or a late night snack. It’s very enjoyable!

Bariwise Cinnamon Cereal

BariWise Low-Carb High Protein Diet Cereal - 15g Protein Per Serving - Cinnamon Flavored Cereal - (5 Count)

​PRICES : $13.95


  • Calorie : 113
  • Total Fat : 3g
  • Carbs : 8g
  • Dietary Fiber : 4g
  • Protein : 15g

​If you want to test this one ,go right in Diet Direct and make yourself a home.

The last one i will talk about is a barbecue flavored Protein Chips, it’s salty and crunchy, good combination. If you don’t believe me then try it yourself, It won’t hurt your bank. This snack is made from Bariwise brand.

Barbecue Crunch Protein Chips

HealthSmart - Barbecue Crunch Protein Diet Chips - High Protein - Low Calorie - Low Fat - Low Carb - High Fiber - Healthy Weight Loss Chips (7 Bags)

​PRICES : $13.95


  • Calorie : 130
  • Total Fat : 4g
  • Carbs : 14g
  • Dietary Fiber : 5g
  • Protein : 10g

​If you want to try this crunchy chips then look no further at Diet Direct.

There is a lot more protein based snacks with many different flavors that you can also try. They are healthy, tasty and fun to you can manage your weight easier.

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