How To Gain Muscle Mass And Lose Fat

Generally when you need to gain muscles while losing fat at the same time ,you just have to eat clean  with a lot of proteins and work out each body parts with great form intensively .But for the sake of this content I am going to explain in details what you need to know, how you need to do it and why .

Muscle Gainz:

When It comes to just making muscle gainz, It’s always better to focus on one  task at a time .

1st) you need to get stronger by doing body weight exercises cause you can’t lift weights that are heavy for your body with strength that you don’t have.Then you do compound exercises with enough weights that you can handle and with time as you getting stronger you will add up weights bit by bit.

2nd) you need to change up your work out routine regularly ,that way you will spark muscle growth .When you do the same exact thing every week ,your body get use to it so it becomes too easy.

3rd) you need to rest for a couple of days to recover .Your muscle needs relaxation specially when you asleep cause your body is linked with your mind .Then you start again next week and so on .

4th) you need to stay consistent with your work out .You must work out for 4 to 5 days a week .Be patience to see drastic physical change cause your body needs about 8 months to a year of consistent work out for that to happens.

Fat Loss:

When it comes to fat loss you will need to eat super clean by eating a lot proteins while drinking a lot of water

1st) you need to eat heavy and clean to fuel your body .You can split your meals 3-4 times daily cause you must pay attention with the quantity and quality of your meals .Eat until you have enough not until you bloated .Also eat some healthy snacks in between ,it helps with hunger .

2nd) you need to consume about 1 pound of protein per body weight .When you consume enough proteins ,it helps with muscle growth and fat loss altogether .But of course you have to eat a calculated amount of fats and carbs to make sure you lose fat.

3rd) you need to drink a lot of water everyday specially when you are at the gym .​And you need to  burn more calories than you consume ,that is the ultimate key to fat loss .

There you have it ,these are the essentials advises that you need to know about muscle growth and fat loss. There are more advises on these subjects but you can just stick to the ones i gave you .


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