Daily Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins are a group of organic molecule that is required in small amount in your diet because your body can not synthesize it. There is 3 essentials nutrients in vitamins: minerals, fatty acid and amino acid. Because our food source can be limited sometimes, we are required to take them daily in supplements to avoid vitamin deficiency. Vitamins have diverse biochemical functions, here’s a list of some of the most vital vitamins you must take and their functions in your body .

Let’s start with Vitamin A, you need this because it boosts your immune system ,better your vision and lower your risk of heart disease. Then we have B Vitamin, it is good for metabolism and muscle tone. Also, there is Vitamin C which is good for prenatal problems and eye illness. Again we have Vitamin D, it lower risk of breast cancer and may protect you from diabetes. To continue, there is Calcium, women on their twenties definitely need this one because it helps build strong bones, it also build strong teeth and nourish your nervous system. And then we have Iron, you must not avoid this one at all as it can cause anemia and weakened your immune system if you dont get enough of it, specially for women on their periods .


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